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Fluffy rhapsody

Date: 24.08.2014
Place of the performance: GBUK Moscow "Theatre Cat Kuklachev"

Start time: 12:00

Dmitry Kuklachyov, the Chamber orchestra "Violante" and theater clowns "Fixed idea" in new, unusual performance "Fluffy rhapsody"

The imaginations of the excentric and somewhat eccentric Maestro carried away by a rush, the audience will appear in the fantastic world of Music where wine glasses and a construction saw execute wonderful arias, the Orchestra "joins" and "switched off" by means of the panel from the TV, and the known Singer soars in air, holding musical sheets, setting an example of the strange, wingless Bird, passionately dreaming to learn to fly. And certainly - cats! As the chief soloists of musical theater!

Now, when the avalanche of musical consumer goods daily falls upon us and our children, we set the task to popularize classical music, to make concerts such that school students didn't fall asleep for them with boredom.
The simplest way to stir up the listener missing at a concert of classical music - to show it original ways of use of a circus requisite in combination with interesting statement, the sincere atmosphere, live music and high mastery of circus actors and musicians.
Classical music seems boring until you start understanding that all this avalanche of sounds means.
Children to it teach at music schools, but schools have shortcomings: there still it is necessary to get, there don't take adults, and the main thing - local teachers don't conjure, don't twist to you on a finger a ball, don't fly in air and don't execute Beethoven on crystal glasses...

Duration of performance is 1 hour 20 minutes, without an interval.
Performance for children of all age

GBUK Moscow "Theatre Cat Kuklachev"

August 2014

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